Only Zendaya Could Make Me Want These Controversial $690 Flats

Have I always been tempted to separate my big toe from the rest of its brethren? No. But then Zendaya had to go and wear Maison Margiela’s Tabi Ballet Flats and now I’m considering sending this little piggy to the bank to ask for a loan. 

On July 6, Zendaya showed off her white leather split-toe shoes in a nonchalant Instagram story, pairing the controversial footwear with lightweight baggy pants. Honestly, I couldn’t think of a more casual way to flex a $690 pair of summer slippers. Quiet luxury where?


According to the Maison Margiela website, the Tabi style is inspired by traditional 15th-century Japanese socks of the same name and launched in the Parisian haute couture house’s first collection back in 1989. “It captures the avant-garde and insubordinate spirit of the Maison and exists as a heritage classic, continually explored through each collection,” the site reads. Though Zendaya opted for the soft napa and calf leather flats, the brand’s split-toe feature is also available in multiple other forms, including Mary Janes, sneakers, and a variety of boots. 

Given ballet flats’ inherent lack of arch support, I couldn’t help but think of Jennifer Lawrence traipsing around New York City in a thin pair Ozzy slippers from The Row back in the summer of 2022. Though they don’t come with a split toe, the $820 shoes seem even less practical, wrapping your foot in just a thin layer of soft leather without providing much of a barrier between your toes and the ground below. 


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