Stormzy’s Met Gala Burberry ‘Fit Was a Nod to Lagerfeld’s Chanel

This year’s Met Gala was a pretty low-key affair, when it comes to menswear at least. Low-key, however, isn’t necessarily a bad thing not least when you’re rolling in low-key Burberry.

That’s exactly what Stormzy did when he attended fashion’s biggest annual event in New York City on May 1, where the theme of the night was “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty”. Make of that what you will.

“For me it’s really important that Stormzy shows up as himself but stays on theme and I feel we really nailed that with this look,” the rapper’s stylist, Melissa Holdbrook-Akposoe, exclusively told Highsnobiety.

“We made reference to Karl’s time at Chanel by using a floral print that leans towards the iconic Chanel camellia flower, but we did it in Burberry blue.”

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Since Daniel Lee’s arrival at Burberry in late 2022, things have been shaken up somewhat. In a bid to rediscover its Britishness, the house has a new logo, new designs (including the Burberry blue), and a host of new British talent from across various industries.

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For Stormzy, who was a regular wearer of Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry (including at last year’s Met Gala), Lee’s arrival at the brand as their new chief creative officer is a positive move both on a personal and stylistic level.

“It’s been sick working with Daniel so far. We’re building a friendship,” Stormzy explains. “I feel like he really knows me. He sees me. He knows I like to look clean but he injects it with his creativity. He’s a genius!”

Stormzy was a part of a ten-strong Burberry entourage to take to the Met Gala. Alongside familiar brand names like Skepta, Liberty Ross, and actor Jodie Comer, there were other notable celebs wearing Lee’s new-look Burberry like Mary J Blige, Burna Boy, and Dr. Dre.

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So, how did Stormzy’s team go about differentiating his look from the others and, in turn, continue to honor Lagerfeld’s work and designs?

“We nodded to Karl’s personal style with the sleek boots and sharp tailoring,” Holdbrook-Akposoe explained. “We even used some jewelry because Karl was big on it, although it’s something Stormzy never really wears. I always try to push the boat out when it comes to the Met.”

Pushing the boat out seems to be pretty compulsory when it comes to the Met Gala, although this year was a little more subdued than most. Regardless of the strict dress code (one that, admittedly, stretched as far as Jared Leto wearing a giant cat costume), Stormzy’s here for it, albeit a little star struck.

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“The Met Gala almost feels like a night out with the best people in their respective industries,” he said. “I get mad excited to see everyone and update my celebrated selfie album because I’m a real fan of a lot of the attendees. I’m always looking out for my faves to give them their flowers and take a pic.”

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