Shopping Secondhand Is Now a Badge of Honor, Not a Dirty Secret—and Brands Want In

With an eye on the circular economy and the future of style, Glamour examines the big business of fashion’s resale market, which is poised to double in size to $77 billion in the next five years, with our Restyled series throughout the month of April. 

Emily Stochl considers herself a fashion lover who’s always up-to-date on the latest trends. But she hasn’t bought new clothes in almost a decade. Since 2013, when she followed the news about the Dhaka garment factory collapse in Bangladesh and watched the documentary Overdressed about the dangers of fast fashion, she has shopped almost exclusively within the resale market and estimates that 95% of her wardrobe is secondhand. The 30-year-old hosts the podcast and is part of a movement online called #NoNewClothes. She’s also among a growing group who’ve turned resale into what’s likely the most important area of growth in fashion.

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