Kendall Jenner’s High-Slit Dress Says Sexy Storybook Villain

Kendall Jenner is not one of fashion’s most berserk experimentalists. This is because she likes Birkenstocks. The model has also spent the past couple of years collecting a wardrobe of sensible loafers and tote bags from The Row, a look that evokes the low-effort ’90s more than it does the storybook-villainess ensembles beloved by fashion eccentrics like the late, great Isabella Blow.

That is until she walked the streets of New York in a witch heel (elongated toes, inverted heels) and a dress with a thigh-slit LBD sculpted with evil-stepmother shoulders. Jenner looked as though she was perhaps going to offer a poisoned apple to an unsuspecting fan. Or force one of the younger generation of Kardashian children to do some housework. I’d imagine there were lots of small glass vials clattering about in that clutch too. (See the photo here.)

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