Pamela Anderson Just Wore the Dress Version of Her

Pamela Anderson stepped out for the premiere of her Netflix documentary, (now streaming!), in a bombshell red dress that’s got us remembering her days as a TV lifeguard. While the garment might look, at first, to be the color of the Netflix logo (she was, after all, at Tudum Theater, and yes I’m sorry they named it that too), fans will immediately clock that she’s wearing the signature shade her character, C.J. Parker, along with her fellow guards, wore on Baywatch, the hit ’90s series that catapulted Anderson to fame.

Alamy Stock Photo

The tank cut of the dress is reminiscent of her suit’s top, though her dress wasn’t waterproof but beautifully beaded and paired with Louboutin heels. Perhaps the event organizers got a tip-off about her look, because they eschewed a red carpet in favor of a soft pink, which complements rather than clashes. (Okay, the beading also reminds us a tiny bit of that recent crystal-covered Doja Cat look.)

Pamela Anderson attends the premiere of Netflix’s Pamela, a Love Story at Tudum Theater on January 30, 2023.


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