Say What You Want, but Emily Ratajkowski’s Worn-Out Loafers Are the Ultimate Fashion Flex

Scuffed and bruised and hanging on for dear life, Emily Ratajkowski’s loafers have lived a long and grueling existence, their hardships etched into hand-waxed buffalo leather. Wrinkled, deflated, and collapsing from the contours of the foot, these well-worn loafers have accompanied the model to the Cannes Film Festival and to H&M activations and on countless paparazzi strolls around Manhattan.


Here is a pair of shoes that has seen things. A benign wizard, a priest with burst capillaries and a taste for sacramental wine, an aging Mediterranean sitting on a plastic chair in a vest and high-waist slacks. I would like to wheel them out into a garden and say, “It is enough, please rest,” and let them bake in the sun like a couple of sun-dried tomatoes. These loafers are also the most authentic example of old money to have entered the celeb-scape, which is a power move.

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