The Grocery-Girl Aesthetic Is the Easiest Way to Show You Have Taste

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Summer isn’t complete without a trip to the farmers market, where stands are overflowing with juicy peaches, plump heirloom tomatoes, and ripe melons. And neither is the fashion world these days. This season clothing brands and influencers alike have been drawing inspiration from market trips and picnics to usher in the next style trend: the grocery-girl aesthetic.

Food has inspired everything in the beauty world as of late, from latte makeup and donut skin to fruit-forward nails. It was only a matter of time before this obsession with our groceries showed up in our closets too. Watermelon purses, tapas tanks, and Aperol-spritz dresses have become hot items this summer, while tomato girl’s European travel vibes and lemon girl’s summertime energy have taken over TikTok. It feels like every cool brand is encouraging us to wear our girl dinners on our sleeve, literally.

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