Gigi Hadid’s Style Has Entered Its Stoner Girl Phase

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Gigi Hadid is not afraid to wear some pretty out-there stuff. This summer alone, the supermodel has single-handedly spearheaded the jorts revival, made lime green the color of the season, and vacationed with the Beckhams while wearing lace Victorian dresses over her swimwear. We are here for it! Why wear the same things as your peers when you can flex your own far-out fashion?

And Gigi’s latest style moment leans more toward stoner chic than trend conscious. As she strolled through Manhattan in a cropped knit top, low-slung ripped Danielle Guizio jeans, and a bucket hat, her classically wacky ’fit was a teen skater girl’s dream: all colorful String Ting beads and classic Converse. She was only a Stüssy top away from kick-flipping her way to Pier 62.

Stonercore but make it fashion


Good American Good ’90s Jeans


Topshop Abstract Color-Block Sweater


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low-Top Sneaker


Chok.Lids Bucket Hat


There’s always one element of Hadid’s looks that elevates them from grunge to low-key model glam. She’s rarely photographed without her Loro Piana handbag glued to her hand, for example. Retailing for upwards of $1,200, the perfectly formed Extra Pocket Pouch is not your average JanSport backpack. It’s not even roomy enough to house her iPhone, so there’s no way Gigi is nestling rolling papers in this discreetly luxurious handheld companion.

This high (sorry, we’ll stop now) fashion look is a natural extension of Hadid’s daytime wardrobe, which lately has consisted of things like patchwork denim and cargos. And it looks all the more head-turning when contrasted with her eveningwear choices. When the 27-year-old has a party invitation, Hadid goes all out in sequins, corsetry, and sheer lace. Translation: the polar opposite of her skatercore daywear. 

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