Selena Gomez Can’t Stop Wearing Corsets in Paris

Marie Antoinette vibes! Selena Gomez has been trotting out corset tops in Paris, confirming that this really is her look for this era. For whatever it’s worth, we very much approve.

In town for Paris Fashion Week, the “Single Soon” singer greeted fans outside her hotel in an oversized button-down, a denim skirt, and thigh-high snake boots, all of which she wore with a ruched white corset top, which we’ve actually seen her in before.

affinitypicture / BACKGRIDUSA

It’s the same (I’m pretty sure!) Are You Ami top that Gomez wore on August 5 with a white skirt and again on August 11 with a red skirt. She also owns it in a nude color.

Makes perfect sense, given that she’s a certified Corset Girl these days. Her orange moment? Satin corset. Staying in for the night? Plunging blue halter corset. Stepping out after the VMAs, she and Taylor Swift both chose corset dresses. She does white corsets. She does pink corsets. She does music video corsets. And then of course there was…this.

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