Paris Hilton’s Hot Pink Faux Fur Vest Is Giving Your Favorite Seasonal Lindsay Lohan Character

Wherever Paris Hilton goes—no matter the event, no matter the vibe—you just know she’s going to come dressed. Exhibit A: The black and pink set she wore to Paris Fashion Week on October 3, which is giving rich-lady snow bunny à la Lindsay Lohan in . This is called brand maintenance and nobody does it like her.

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

For the Chanel show, Hilton wore a matching miniskirt and vest in black, trimmed with what looks like magenta Muppet fur.


Looking closely at the long-sleeve velvet top Hilton layered under the vest, you can see the pattern of interlocking Cs and the Coco Chanel logo, which matches her branded Chanel belt. To complete her look, Hilton added black pumps, a black mini bag, and layers of silver and pearl Chanel jewelry.

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