Dua Lipa’s Sheer Lace Gown-Jumpsuit Hybrid Is Gothic Chic

Dua Lipa went full gothic chic at Milan Fashion Week in a head-to-toe sheer black lace gown complete with cutouts and gloves — and we are obsessed.

The musician wore the look for the GCDS show in Milan on February 23, taking her spot in the front row in the statement-making stunner of a dress. The gown is fully sheer and covered in patches of black lace with a high neckline and long hem that pooled around Dua’s black skyscraper platform shoes. But wait! Upon closer examination, this goth garment isn’t actually a gown at all — it’s a total optical illusion. The piece is actually a full flare jumpsuit; the pant legs are so wide and flowing that they look like a skirt. Oh, the magic of fashion! The catsuit also includes gloves at the end of each sleeve with a cutout for the wearer’s thumb; you can see Dua’s red manicure, which matched her red heart-shaped bag, peeking out. 

Stefania D’Alessandro
Stefania D’Alessandro

The Future Nostalgia singer wore a black bra and thong under the gown; the back of the garment appears to be double lined and features another cutout, this time leaving part of Dua’s back bare. We’re loving it, but we do have one question: How do you put this thing on?

Dua styled the lace catsuit with ankle-strap platforms and the heart-shaped bag, wearing her hair long, straight and shiny and parted in the middle. She smoked up her eyes with a cool bronze color and added a warm rose lip for an extra touch of romance.

Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images

Dua is one of our favorite style stars of the 2020s; she’s never afraid to go there when it comes to her red carpet outfits and performance looks. (Remember her exposed thongs?) Whether she’s wearing corsets or sneakers, Dua makes fashion so much more fun.

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