Claire’s links with Asda, rolls out to 500 stores

Claire’s links with Asda, rolls out to 500 stores

Affordable accessories brand Claire’s has linked up with UK supermarket chain Asda

Claire’s at Asda

This follows an initial ‘test and learn’ with 10 stores in October 2020, which the company said was a “great success” and was steadily extended in subsequent years.

But the latest announcement is a really big move for the brand and puts it into a massive number of high-traffic stores targeting consumers seeking just the value pricing Claire’s offers.

The deal will see Asda carrying a wide variety of key products including hair, cosmetics, and fashion accessories, as well as seasonal items such as back-to-school and Christmas pieces.

Supermarkets have increasingly become key shopping destinations for fashion and beauty shoppers in recent years — a fact helped by them remaining open during the pandemic while many other specialist retailers were closed. And while grocery is key for those retailers, they’ve gone out of their way to forge deeper links with fashion and beauty operators as these offer that extra edge that might make the difference to shoppers who are choosing where to go and are likely to have at least two of the Big Four supermarkets close to them.

Claire’s has called the Asda link-up a “natural fit” that puts its products in front of many more people in the places where they live and shop and said feedback has been strong.

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