Mango links with Boglioli for tailoring collab as retailer’s Man sales surge

Mango links with Boglioli for tailoring collab as retailer’s Man sales surge

Spain’s Mango

Mango x Boglioli

The retailer said the collab helps it “reformulate its concept of tailoring by placing the focus on quality and design”. 

The first edition of the collaboration includes eight tailored jackets “produced with materials that achieve excellent adaptability to the silhouette, making them the ideal option for every type of occasion”. 

The Milanese tailor is known for its timeless heritage style and Mango said that “when combined with the modern character of our Barcelona roots, the result is this unique tailoring collaboration, in which quality and design can be perceived in every stitch”.

It’s a “carefully crafted collection that takes tailoring to its most versatile expression through comfortable and lightweight proposals. The spirit of the iconic Boglioli tailored jacket has been reinterpreted to create eight pieces whose names refer to Italian cities: Cremona, Lodi, Milano, Mantova, Brescia, Como, Monza and Lecco”. 

The aim is that “each one of the eight tailored jackets has the capacity to reinvent itself according to the outfit and the time of day. The proposals, featuring different intensities of brown, green and grey tones, also include prints such as pinstripe and tweed”. 

The pieces feature Italian fabrics, including flannel and wool-knit.

And the launch comes with a campaign “that highlights the shared values of Milan and Barcelona: the passion for art, architecture and design”. 

The jackets launch on Wednesday on the Mango website and in selected stores in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, the UK and the US. 

The launch comes as Mango is celebrating the 15th anniversary of Mango Man and said it has seen “strong growth in recent years in terms of turnover, stores and international expansion”. 

The line expects to close this year with a “record turnover” of €325 million+, virtually doubling the €169 million it posted as recently as 2020.

Mango Man will also end the year with more than 560 stores in 90 countries, as well as an online presence in over 80 markets. 

The company said omnichannel retailing “has been the catalyst for the success of Mango Man, with close to 70% of turnover in 2022 originating from its physical stores, and the remainder from its online channel”. 

It remains heavily committed to physical stores, which is forecast to translate into an increase of almost 30% this year in the number of stores compared to 2020. 

The company said it “considers physical stores a privileged point of contact with its customers, where it offers them a personalised service. Mango Man has gone one step further in personalisation and now offers an in-situ customisation service in 16 stores around the world”.

The retailer has also focused on taking its menswear global and this year it entered markets including India, Malaysia, Mexico and Slovakia, while expanding in countries such as Belgium, Italy and Spain. 

For 2024, it plans to “continue along these lines” with new stores in markets such as Georgia and Puerto Rico, while increasing its presence in key markets such as France, Spain, the US and the UK, among others.

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