Hailey Bieber Somehow Looks Chic in This Controversial Denim Trend From Your Childhood

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Every time they come back in style, denim overalls cause discussions in fashion. Hailey Bieber proves that it’s time to dig the forgotten denim trend out of the closet again, because her look is totally chic.

Many mistakenly think they should keep their hands off this toddler-chic look in adulthood, but not so! As is often the case, it’s just a matter of styling.

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As a classic in fashion, denim overalls have already been through some ups and downs. But they have never completely disappeared from the scene and always find their way back onto the runways or into our closets.

Bieber is a particularly big fan of the denim trend, for years now the 26-year-old has been fond of wearing them. On a date night with husband Justin Bieber on October 25 in Los Angeles, she combined the denim overalls over a white T-shirt and completed the outfit with a black fitted coat, classic pumps, and a Kelly bag by Hermès.

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