The Revival of the Skirt-Over-Pants Trend: How to Style It

2022 has ushered in a mix of TikTok trends and nostalgic throwbacks to ’90s and Y2K fashion.

Among these revivals is the skirt-over-pants look, which has made a comeback not only on runways in 2021 but also on the streets and even among celebrities.

It’s safe to say that this trend is officially back, despite the love-hate debates surrounding it.

To embrace this controversial trend, Teen Vogue turned to various fashion influencers for their expert insights on styling the skirt-over-pants look.

Noor Elkhaldi, a Palestinian-American podcast host and fashion influencer, has been a long-time fan of layering skirts over pants.

She appreciates this style not only for the modesty it offers as a hijabi but also for its cool and interesting aesthetic.

She even has her perfect fall outfit planned: a vintage knee-length denim skirt layered over extra-long blue jeans.

Nawal Sari, another fashion influencer known for redefining modest fashion, states that the skirt-over-pants look is nothing new to hijabis who embraced this trend in the Y2K era and early 2000s.

She shares her techniques for styling the look, including wearing a super micro skirt over pants for extra coverage and a cute touch, and pairing a midi skirt with well-fitted pants for a Disney premiere-inspired look.

Lydia Tsegay, a Stockholm-based style blogger, finds beauty in simplicity and draws inspiration from street style.

She appreciates the versatility of the skirt over pants trend, suitable for any season, and believes it showcases creativity in one’s outfit choices.

Tsegay suggests two ways to wear the trend: pairing tight-fitted trousers with a midi skirt featuring a front split, or combining loose-fitted skirts with straight-legged trousers.

For summer, she recommends styling with a basic tank top, while for winter, opting for a loose sweater or blazer.

Shraddha Singh, an Indian fashion and beauty blogger, acknowledges that fashion trends always come back and expresses her love for the skirt-over-pants look.

In Indian culture, wearing Kurtis over pants or jeans is not new.

Singh emphasizes that there are no strict rules when it comes to styling this trend; it’s all about having fun and experimenting.

Her styling tips include trying a monochromatic look by keeping the two pieces in the same color family, and experimenting with fabrics like linen or leather to create a cohesive look.

She also recommends keeping accessories minimal to allow the outfit to take center stage.

Regardless of where you stand on this trend, it’s undeniably making a nostalgic comeback just in time for fall.

So why not embrace it and make a fashion statement?.

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