Inditex revitalises Pull&Bear with contemporary new logo and brand identity

Inditex revitalises Pull&Bear with contemporary new logo and brand identity

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Pull&Bear, the young label owned by the Inditex

Pull&Bear’s new logo – Pull&Bear

Pull&Bear was the second brand launched by Amancio Ortega’s conglomerate after Zara

Today, the label offers collections for both men and women, and has repositioned itself to align with contemporary fashion trends that are casual and closely linked to the world of music. In addition, Pull&Bear operates two separate lines – Pacific Republic

The brand’s youthful direction is also reflected in the evolution of its visual identity. During its first decade of existence, Pull&Bear sported a logo with spaced uppercase letters that included the descriptor ‘Clothing Company’. This reference was eliminated with the implementation of its second logo, which had a more avant-garde design and only featured the uppercase letters ‘P’ and ‘B’. The third and latest logo, which is still in use today, was introduced in 2014. It boasts a minimalist design featuring uppercase sans-serif letters.

Zara, Stradivarius

It appears that the fourth time’s a charm. Entrusting the design studio Córdova Canillas’ graphic design team, the new logo maintains the capitalised sans-serif font, yet some of the letters have been narrowed and their height reduced, resulting in a more solid and defined outcome. Moreover, the revamped identity features an avatar in which the letters ‘P’ and ‘B’ are rounded and fluid, creating an intertwining effect. This new avatar, utilised as the image in the brand’s application, produces a monogram that references the ‘PB’ abbreviation used in the brand’s original logo. 

The brand’s new identity has already been unveiled in the Marineda City store in A Coruña – Pull&Bear

Thus far, the newly unveiled identity has only been integrated into the chain’s online platforms and at its Marineda City store in A Coruña. The space, showcased on the brand’s Instagram

This shift towards a more avant-garde and youthful positioning follows the recent rebranding efforts of other Spanish brands such as Tous or Bimba y Lola

In fiscal year 2022, the Galician group increased its revenue by 17.5% to 32.569 billion euros. Meanwhile, the Pull&Bear chain is the group’s third most profitable brand, behind only Zara and Bershka

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