Walmart hiring fewer staff for holiday season

Walmart hiring fewer staff for holiday season

For the holiday season, Walmart is set to welcome approximately 40,000 additional associates in a variety of seasonal and full-time roles across its business.

Walmart hiring fewer staff for holiday season. – Walmart

In particular, it will hire seasonal store associates, full-time, permanent truck drivers, as well as ‘customer care’ associates. 

“As we prepare to serve customers this season, we’ll begin, as usual, by offering additional hours to current associates who want them,” Walmart said in a statement. “After that, we’ll offer the opportunity for those who want to earn extra money working on a temporary basis.” 

The hiring spree is far less than reported last year. For the 2021 holiday season, Walmart said it was looking for around 150,000 permanent employees to work over the holidays and beyond.

The move is in line with a recent Deloitte

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