Embrace Cord With These Versatile & Effortlessly Cool Shirts

Best Corduroy Shirts

Embrace Cord With These Versatile & Effortlessly Cool Shirts

Although it’s entirely possible you haven’t worn corduroy since you were a child, we’d like to submit that it is, in fact, the manliest fabric out there. It’s durable, warm, and comfortable on the skin, despite its thickness, and it can put up with a lot of abuse and neglect while still holding its form. Appearance-wise, it adds a layer of sophistication to any outfit, elevating its humble cotton origins to something slightly more upscale and less conventional.

You don’t need to be particularly bold or adventurous to rock some corduroy, but it can take a simple outfit and give it that extra bit of polish that distinguishes the merely put together man from the truly stylish one.

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And since we’ve already covered the best corduroy pants, we thought it was high time we toured some of the best corduroy shirts available today. Our picks span a wide range of styles and prices, but each represents a worthy addition to any man’s closet.

Banana Republic Slim Fine Wale Corduroy Shirt

If you want to stride the fine line between casual and formal, pick up this versatile cord shirt from Banana Republic. This button-up shirt runs true to size and is available in a wide range of colors (we particularly love the Oyster Pearl and Preppy Navy), and because it’s made from a lighter corduroy fabric, it’s versatile enough to wear in the warmer months as well.

$49.50 at BananaRepublicFactory.com 

Bonobos Stretch Cord Shirt

Another phenomenal candidate for everyday wear, effortlessly dressed up or dressed down, this fine-wale corduroy button-up from Bonobos ticks all the boxes: stylish, affordable and very comfortable. Wear it solo or layer it underneath a light sweater or cardigan or on top of a soft t-shirt for maximum outfit versatility.

$49 at Bonobos.com 

Blake Shelton x Land’s End Traditional Fit Corduroy Work Shirt

If you’re ready to embrace the heavy, almost military look of traditional corduroy, check out this option, the brainchild of a collaboration between Land’s End and Blake Shelton. The shoulder epaulets and button-down front pockets give away the martial styling influence, but this shirt is designed to look best when left untucked.

$62.95 at LandsEnd.com 

Scotch & Soda Regular Fit Corduroy Button-Down Shirt

Available in two colors, Military and Bordeaux, this button-down corduroy shirt from Scotch & Soda fits beautifully, neither too tight nor too bulky, giving you a sleek, sophisticated silhouette appropriate for a night on the town. The 100% plush cotton material offers enough warmth to keep you comfortable at night sans sweater, while the button-down collar and button cuffs add sophistication.

From $82.80 at Nordstrom.com 

J.Crew Western Fine-Wale Corduroy Shirt

If you’re looking for a lighter, more spring-appropriate corduroy shirt, pick up this J.Crew offering made from fine 21-wale corduroy and colored for warm weather in either Aventurine or Bright Parchment options. You can dress this up or down, as style or comfort demands, but with colors this vibrant we recommend you make it the centerpiece of your outfit, pairing it with tamer pants.

$118 at JCrew.com 

Vans Waffle Corduroy Button-Up Shirt

Alright, so this option technically shades more into “overshirt” territory than pure shirt offering, but that doesn’t make it any less stylish or versatile. Embrace the waffle corduroy construction for an easy style boost, with the long sleeves and wide collar communicating an effortless, laidback cool.

$79.50 at Nordstrom.com 

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