Low-Key Jennie Is the Best Jennie

Jennie Kim, BLACKPINK member and solo artist extraordinaire, can do it all. Sing, dance, dress in head-to-toe Chanel: no one does it better than Jennie.

Still, there’s something special about seeing Jennie on a day-off, since we usually only sing the K-Pop ingenue when she’s dressed up for the red carpet or prepping to take the stage.

So let’s celebrate these photos taken of Jennie late on April 30, the day before she made her Met Gala 2023 debut. Here, you can see Jennie attempting to skirt paparazzi as she headed out for dinner dressed in one of the most low-key Jennie looks we’ve ever witnessed.

Clad in a black beanie, black sunglasses, black sneakers, black denim shirt and matching pants, Jennie was barely recognizable and, yet, utterly distinct.

It’s kinda magical to see these K-Pop idols, typically polished to perfection, wearing their casual duds. Hence why it’s fun to witness, say, Jimin at the airport.

Anyways, Jennie’s casual outfit is merely further proof that K-Pop stars shut down sidewalks as easily as they take over red carpets. Wherever they go, they are the main event.

Hence why even when Jennie dresses down, she gets more attention than most would be A-listers get at red carpet premieres.

This is only indicative of Jennie’s mastery of effortless day-to-day style.

She can truly do it all: perfectly poised campaign shoots or low-key looks for minding her own business. It only makes it that much more fun to see what she’ll do next.

Given that Jennie’s Met Gala debut is with Chanel, the house most commonly associated with Karl Lagerfeld (the Met Gala 2023 theme), she’s set up perfectly to demonstrate her mastery of multifaceted dressing.

The day before Met Gala 2023, Jennie kills low-key effortlessness; the day of Met Gala 2023, Jennie shuts shit down once again. It’s only natural.

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