The Augustinus Bader Light Cream Is a Game Changer for Oily Skin 

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Among the many truths I’ve accepted about life, one of them is my super-oily skin. The earth is round, the sun rises in the east, and my face resembles an oil spill by midafternoon. My greasiness is partly genetics—my dad’s side of the family has acne-prone skin—and partly prescription tretinoin use, which yes, helps eliminate breakouts but also dries out my face and causes my skin to overcompensate with excess oil production. 

As an oily-skinned person, shopping for moisturizers can be tricky. I need something that deeply hydrates my skin and gets rid of flakes and dry spots, but isn’t super greasy or heavy. It also has to wear well under makeup—some moisturizers can block products like concealer and foundation from melting into skin, which causes makeup to pill or slide off. Most importantly, it has to regulate my oiliness, with ingredients to help mattify and control afternoon grease attacks. 

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