Harley-Davidson launches ‘H-D Collections’

Harley-Davidson launches ‘H-D Collections’


Harley-Davidson launches H-D Collections. – Harley-Davidson

Dubbed ‘H-D Collections’, the line will officially launch on hdcollections.com on March 9, with curated products, experiences and collaborations. In particular, it launches with three unique product lines: Bar & Shield by Harley-Davidson, Harley-Davidson Originals, and Harley-Davidson Authorized Vintage.

Bar & Shield by Harley-Davidson is described as a new, elevated lifestyle product line, inspired by the unique combination of engineering, functionality and motorcycle culture, while Harley-Davidson Originals looks to the brand’s rich heritage for inspiration, offering a modern interpretation of the classics.

Lastly, Harley-Davidson Authorized Vintage is a collection of rare H-D apparel from throughout history, certified by H-D’s historians with certificates of authenticity. Consumers will find vintage T-shirts, sweatshirts, accessories, vests, jackets and leathers, as well as monthly drops.

“With H-D Collections we’re excited to celebrate two elements of our heritage: design and craftsmanship” said Jochen Zeitz

“H-D Collections brings together the many facets of moto-culture lifestyle, paying tribute to our heritage with both Harley-Davidson Originals and Authorized Vintage, while pushing the limits of design, form and function with Bar & Shield.”

Harley-Davidson has shaped motorcycle culture for over 120 years. H-D Collections is part of the brand’s continued growth strategy, and aims to connect authentically with consumers who identify with the adventurous spirit of the brand.

Additional lines and collaborations will be introduced and designed by creative director of apparel design Louise GoldinBeyond its online availability, H-D Collections will also pop-up at select cultural events and festivals, starting with Austin, TX March 10-14.

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